An examination of the conflict between our identities and our abstract representations in digital media.

With increasing presence of digital media in society, less of our day to day communications occur in person. Rather than interacting with the world directly, we interact with representations of the world as representations of ourselves that cannot possibly encompass all of our complex interests and abilities. We make efforts to demonstrate as much of our humanity as we can, but we end up squeezing ourselves into boxes that are easy to understand, pixelating our identities, losing part of ourselves.

This piece is about competing with the image of oneself in digital media, which can easily polish and enhance certain aspects of a person. The dancer is struggling to remain relevant, to prove the worth of depth and nuance in a world that values appearances over substance.

  • Visuals: Kat Sullivan and Sergio Mora-Diaz
  • Music: Koen Holtkamp
  • Premiere: Tisch School of the Arts, NYC, May 1, 2014

torn from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.

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