Artist Statement

I have always been curious about decisions, how the chemical brain, the body, and outside forces interact to make a person think, feel, and behave a certain way. In my choreography, I search for improvisational structures that produce authentic and reliably intriguing choices. I play with mathematical systems to find those that emulate the spontaneity of nature. Working with the dancers to collect sensory data, I identify meaningful movements that are either emotionally familiar or physically surprising.

This is all motivated by my fascination with the simultaneous simplicity and overwhelming complexity of humanity. There are countless moving forces that interact in just the right way to create our lives as they are. Our actions are unexpectedly far-reaching, and while each one of us is unique and consequential, our behavioral patterns are easily modeled, predicted, and manipulated. My artistic work is a celebration of this duality and an investigation of how we conceive of ourselves within broader universal systems.