A rendering of the opposition experienced across a dancer's moving body.

Blue Vector is my first attempt at visualizing motion capture data. It is a rendering of an improvisation in which I made movement decisions with the intention of smoothly redirecting momentum from one direction to another. The needle-like vectors are the first, second, and third derivatives of the position data, so you see at once the velocity vector, the acceleration vector, and the jerk vector in a flattened 2-dimensional representation of 3-dimensional space. The relationships between such vectors can be counter-intuitive in that they are often directionally opposed. Visualizing them at each point on the body provides a better sense of the sensations experienced by the dancer–the viewer can see the opposition felt by the dancer, as well as the power in the moment when everything aligns.

  • Motion capture: Javier Molina
  • Music: Rachel's
  • Premiere: Launched online November 11, 2015.

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