An exploration of tactics for meeting needs in relationships.

Having learned to communicate with partners from infancy, mostly from our own parents, we have deeply ingrained patterns and tactics for meeting our wants and needs. We subconsciouly push and pull, take and give, build up and undermine our significant others to elicit compliance with our own plans. Many of us make efforts to avoid engaging in manipulative behaviors out of respect for each other, but what happens when this respect does not exist?

Grassy Ass is an exploration of different methods we use to meet our needs in relationships through the medium of grass.

  • Photos: Argenis Apolinario
  • Dancers: Alex Abarca, Alison De Franco, Caitlin Sikora
  • Music: Eric Allen
  • Premiere: Warwick Summer Arts Festival, Warwick, NY, July 25, 2015

Special thanks to Melissa Padham and the Warwick Summer Arts Festival.

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