An examination of the process of changing behavioral patterns using interactive projections.

Critical Moment is an exploration of the games played in the early stages of a relationship (not necessarily romantic) between two people. No one wants to come on too strong, which stands in the way of expressing interest clearly.

The piece is about the realization that one is stuck in a cycle of interest and miscommunication, repeating the same pattern many times without actually moving forward. At some point, the only option is to remove oneself from the situation and look for new possibilities.

  • Visuals: Jayati Ambekar
  • Music: Chris Sikora
  • Wearables: Rucha Patwardhan
  • Premiere: Tisch School of the Arts, NYC, May 8, 2014

Special thanks to Tisch School of the Arts and William Moulton.

Critical Moment from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.

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