The expansion climate change and modern comforts place pressure on boundaries.

Up Against Edges is a study of energy sources and uses in modern American society. Collaborator Kelly Klein and I worked with a group of elementary school students in the Denver Summer Scholars program to investigate the sources of energy that support their lives, from fossil fuels to food sources to solar energy. We created a phrase together with the students for the purpose of this video piece. We also played with ideas of structure and embodied energy.

Participants and their families were invited to attend a screening of the finished piece in the Boulder International Fringe Festival with complimentary tickets.

  • Videography: Samuel Potts
  • Dancers: Kelly Klein, Caitlin Sikora, and students of Denver Summer Scholars
  • Music: Helios
  • Text: Bill McKibben
  • Special thanks to Denver Urban Farm and Denver Summer Scholars.

Up Against Edges from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.