Artist Statement

Designing Interactions to reveal the essence of relationships

As a creator, I investigate how the biological/chemical brain, the body, and external forces‒people, ideas, sound, light, gravity‒ interact to make a person think, feel, and behave a certain way. As we navigate the physical, emotional, and mental landscape of each day, each of us is informed by a unique history, reaching back through generations of family and evolution to shape our decision making processes.

In creating an experience, I probe human interaction for subtle nuances within images that are universally impactful. What feelings or memories are triggered by a particular shape, quality, or pathway? By watching, feeling, and listening, I collaborate with users or performers to collect sensory data. We observe the sweeping undercurrents of human life and choose meaningful, often overlooked moments to sink into for more detailed analysis. I refine and simplify movement and interactions between people and their environments until the essence of a relationship is revealed spatially, visually, and magnetically. The resulting work illuminates deep pockets of time and space, twisting them inside-out to reflect and highlight the surprises within.