Invisible connections across space lead to unexpected trails across time.

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear… is a collaboration with choreographers Lorena Delgado and Leslie Miller that explores the unforeseen and far-reaching consequences of our actions. We visualize and physicalize connections between dancers and their environment by using white elastic bands as a mechanism for interacting with other dancers and the set.

  • Choreography: Caitlin Sikora, Leslie Miller, and Lorena Delgado
  • Music: Peter Hodgeson and Kate Chadwick
  • Costumes: Nina Vartanian
  • Lighting: Jennifer Hill
  • Set: Yu-Hsuan Chen
  • Dancers: Patrick Corbin, Tyler Dubois, Hannah Seidan,
  • Gwen Baraniecki-Zwil, and Frances Lai Baca

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear... from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.