A Wearable Haptic Gesture Control Device

Physical embodiment is a vital aspect of human experience and communication, but digital interfaces have limited capacity to interact with the body. What if your clothing could communicate movement cues in real time? ReMotion Suit is a wearable device that directs a user’s body to accomplish specific movement goals dictated by another person for education and entertainment purposes.

Created in collaboration with Pratt industrial designers Aaron Nesser and Evan Huggins, the current system requires two people: an operator, and a user. The operator inputs joint movement commands into a computer interface. The commands are interpreted by the software and sent to the user. Movement data is communicated directly to the skin via haptic signals that invite specific movements by the user. Potential applications include movement training for sports and physical therapy, medical purposes like relearning one's sense of proprioception, communication across distance (physical emojis), and interactive entertainment purposes.

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