At some point, the only option left is to remove oneself from the situation.

Critical Moment is an exploration of the games played in the early stages of a relationship between two people (romantic or platonic). No one wants to come on too strong, which stands in the way of expressing attraction and interest clearly. I believe there are instances in which two people simply don’t communicate well, or an attraction simply isn’t strong enough to progress a relationship beyond the initial push and pull play.

The piece is about the realization that one is stuck in that cycle of attraction and miscommunication, repeating the same pattern a few times without actually moving forward. At some point, the only option is to remove oneself from the situation and look for new possibilities.

  • Music: Chris Sikora
  • Visuals: Jayati Ambekar
  • Wearables: Rucha Patwardhan

Critical Moment from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.