Boundaries between attraction, attachment, and addiction can blur.

Another Fall is a study of attraction and attachment, approaching addiction. It is an exploration of how an individual’s experiences, brain chemistry, and biological human nature interact to create the emotional state of attraction to a particular person, substance, object, or behavior. Through improvisation and partnering work, the dancers and I examine the initial back and forth of a relationship‒ the beauty of connection and new possibilities, along with the excitement and danger of the unknown. We discover ways in which one accommodate the needs and desires of another party in the early stages of attraction. It seems natural for a person to sculpt the presentation of oneself to appear more attractive, but compromises can alter that person’s sense of self. If an attachment is formed following dishonest or uneven negotiation, harmful patterns often become a layer of the relationship. Nevertheless, the attachment can be as painful to sever as it is to continue.

  • Music: Eric Allen
  • Dancers: Alexandra Castro, Marissa Wiley, Joseph Giordano, Shane Larson
  • Photos: Alex Fabozzi and Tony Dougherty

Another Fall Excerpts from Caitlin Sikora on Vimeo.